No Longer Accepting PayPal

Hello Friends and Family,

Effective immediately (10/12/2022), we are no longer accepting PayPal and have closed our PayPal account indefinitely.

Due to PayPal’s woke agenda and them wanting to charge conservatives a $2500 for doing business that they don’t agree with, we decided that PayPal is not a company we want to do business with any longer.  We still accept the following payment methods and those customer’s who paid with PayPal will need to update your billing method to another payment method ASAP.

Payment methods we accept:

Stripe (All major credit cards and ACH)
Square (All major credit cards and ACH)
American Express
Debit Cards (with Visa, MC, Discover or Amex logo on them)
Apple Pay
G Pay / Android Pay
Cash App

Our preferred payments in order or preference are as followed:

  1. Zelle (Your payment is instant and there are no fees involved on either side!)
  2. Cash App
  3. Venmo
  4. Square (All major credit cards and ACH)
  5. Stripe (All major credit cards and ACH)
  6. Apple Pay
  7. G Pay / Android Pay