Outdoor Gravity Park Review – Pigeon Forge, TN

We planned out our visit online and planned to get tickets online, but instead of buying online we wanted to use our $5 off coupon that we had from this link https://smokymountainsbrochures.com/coupons/outdoor-gravity-park/ (here is a screenshot in case they take down this advertisement: https://p130.p1.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/YEuz8d1Y/755c679c-4e71-4eaa-87cb-85084c2fa078.jpeg?v=d7bf1c9247d7850ffe094e7266d92d8d)

So, we drove a good 30 mins+ to get there. We arrived about 30 mins before they closed, at 2:30pm ET. I told them I needed 3 tickets, but I’m going to pay for 1 adult and 1 child and that my father-in-law was going to pay for the other child. I told her that I had a $5 off coupon to use which was off each ticket per the coupon. They immediately told me that their management told them NOT to honor ANY of the $5 off coupons but they could offer a FREE GoPro video. I told them we brough out own GoPro and I wanted the $5 off each ticket. They told me that they couldn’t do that and then after requesting a manager, they said they could take $5 off one ticket but that was the best that they could do. I said that was fine, because the price was just $44 online, so $5 off that price would be just $39 for 2 rides. So she said one was $20 and the other one would be $25. She told me that my total was $78.47! I was taken back and told her that there must be some sort of mistake. She said there was no mistake and that she was only charging me $20 for one ride and $25 for the other one. Well still, that’s only $45 so how in the world did we get to $78.47 from $45? So you are telling me that there is $33.47 in tax on 2 tickets priced at what should be $45? She said there was no mistake and I told her that I will gladly go spend my money elsewhere and I was not paying nearly $80 for 2 rides. That’s DOUBLE the price then what is advertised online! I found tickets at Tripster for just $18-19 per ride here: (https://www.tripster.com/detail/outdoor-gravity-park-pigeon-forge) and here: (https://pigeonforgetnguide.tripster.com/detail/outdoor-gravity-park-pigeon-forge)! Then I found tickets for just $44 for 2 rides or $22 for 1 ride (before the $5 off coupon) from here: (https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/outdoorgravitypark/items/125836/calendar/2023/09/?flow=no&language=en-us&asn=travelincoupons&sheet=365037&full-items=yes&ref=asn&back=https://travelincoupons.com/pigeon-forge-coupons/pigeon-forge-outdoor-adventure-coupons/zorbing-outdoor-gravity-park-pigeon-forge-coupons/&g4=yes)

If you look on the page I just posted for the $22 & $44 rides.. You’ll see that they are advertising 2 different prices and they actually are telling you that the pricing is $20 if you book online but they are making you pay $22. You can see where I highlighted that here: (https://p130.p1.n0.cdn.getcloudapp.com/items/yAunoEoE/ed0994a2-ee96-400d-811d-6e09a4b2fa4e.jpeg?v=cee8c5733957a7a09614e5cbb79742b8)

Furthermore, you should be able to use the $5 off coupon that they are advertising online, so you technically should be able to get the tickets for just $15 per person, per roll. BUT, they won’t honor this at all and they want you to pay $25 for a ride and won’t take any coupons or honor any other pricing available, even though they are advertising various prices through various sites. Stay away from this place! Very shady & bad business practices! Don’t fall victim to this scamming from Outdoor Gravity Park. The owners and the management don’t care about you or your family, they don’t want to talk to you or discuss this with you under any circumstances and are telling their staff to tell you that no managers are available and we are unable to contact our managers or whatever other excuse they come up with. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR BUSINESS! STAY AWAY! I believe the girl whom I dealt with was Megan or something like that if I remember correctly. She said she was new and she had only been there a couple of weeks or a month or so. She had a story and she said her management team told her not to honor any special pricing or accept any coupons. In other words, they rather get in trouble and have ethics violations for false advertising than to honor what they are advertising in their bait and switch scam!

They did not want to honor ANY discounted online pricing NOR did they want to honor ANY coupons! They refused to get me a manager when I asked for one and said that there was nothing that a manager could do either. They rather just loose the business than discount their pricing. Sooo… let’s show them that we mean business and we rather not go there than to give them our business and fall victim to their scam! I will also be reporting them to the BBB for this as well. They are false advertising with their coupons and discounted pricing and then doing a bait and switch when you get there and telling you that you can’t have any discounted pricing or use any coupons! They ARE being reported to the appropriate channels… BBB and Dept of Commerce TN.

I told her that I was paying for 2 rides and she proceeded to tell me that the total was $78.47! So… if they are offering tickets for $18, $19, $22 or even $25/each, then how do we get from $36, 38, $44 or even $50 for 2 tickets all the way up to nearly $80? A TOTAL SCAM IF YOU ASK ME! THEY WERE TRYING TO SCAM ME! LUCKILY, I told them I was going to spend my money elsewhere and I did! Instead I took my kids to The Track, Mountain Top Coaster & Rowdy Bear Park cheaper than what I would have paid for just 2 zorbing tickets AND we had more fun!

I would highly suggest that you stay away from Outdoor Gravity Park as there are MANY bad reviews that the value is not worth what you pay for the super quick ride. You can have way more fun going downtown Pigeon Forge and doing other attractions with your family and kids! DO NOT DO THIS ATTRACTION. THEY WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR MONEY. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED AND THIS IS MINE AND MY FAMILIES STORY. I wouldn’t have sat down and written all of this and wasted my time if this were not true. Save your self the long drive to this park in the middle of nowhere and don’t fall victim to a scam like I almost did!

If something like this happened to you and they are not honoring these prices for you as I shared… please post online here about them so other people are warned! Don’t take your business here!