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LBRadio and Larry B is an independent Christian, Faith-based publisher that broadcasts nightly news stories that are ignored by or obscured by the mainstream media. Our goal is to enlighten listeners by presenting a broader picture of what’s going on in this world, far beyond the myopic scope of typical media. This is a hard row to sow, that takes much effort, time, patience, research, resources and fortitude, as we’re constantly attacked by people pushing unwelcoming narratives. Donations help offset expenses, and, yes, provide the show author with what could be considered compensation for his efforts. Every working person deserves to be paid for their work. If you appreciate my content, please consider making a donation — every dollar helps — as we continue to fight for FREEDOM & LIBERTY in OUR troubled nation. Thank You & God Bless!

I’m seeking news contributors, a producer and sponsors for the show!
See the details below to get more information on these great opportunities!

—- What is a contributor?
A contributor is someone who will help provide news topics and articles for the show.  Those can come in the form of voice, email or online submission.  You can also have the ability to be a co-host on the show.  We can record sessions together and feature it right on the show!  This is a volunteer position just as my position as a host is.

—- What is a sponsor?
A sponsor is an individual or a company who makes a monetary contribution to the show.  In return you’ll receive a shoutout on the show as well as depending on your sponsorship amount, you’ll also secure yourself an ad spot or two ($10+ sponsorships). Check out the link below for more details on the sponsorship and the offerings:


—- What is a producer?
A producer is someone who puts the show all together and does all the editing to ensure the show sounds great for the listeners.  This includes building the podcast with the recordings, sound effects, etc.  This is a volunteer position just as the host is.

—- How can I donate?
You can donate via GiveSendGo here:  https://www.givesendgo.com/lbradionews
A Stripe Sponsorship Subscription here:  https://lnkup.us/paylbr
A Stripe Sponsorship One-Time Donation here:  https://lnkup.us/lbrdonate